Sunday, August 17, 2008

Review: Boon Potty Bench

First off, let me start off by saying I actually did not purchase this potty bench. I won it from the wonderful guys over at DadLabs. And, boy, am I glad I did.

My daughter, Maddie (aka Shorty), started off potty training on this:

It's the Summer Infant All-In-One Potty Seat & Step Stool. I bought it at Amazon for $12.99.

The pink potty serves its purpose, I guess. That is if your kid's hiney doesn't look like a hose. Those are Shorty's words, not mine. My husband (aka Big Daddy) thought something was wrong with Shorty because her tee-tee went shooting out in front of the potty.

In steps the Boon Potty Bench. Oh, Lord, thank you for Boon and their wonderful "deflector" on their potty bench. Big Daddy calls it "the potato". I have no idea why other than the fact he thinks it looks like a potato. But it does its job and deflects tee-tee right and left and straight on in the middle and sideways and up and down and all around.

I'll give you a breakdown of positives and negatives of the Boon Potty Bench and the Pink Potty as I call it:

Boon Potty Bench
* Deflector, deflector, deflector - I love me some deflector
* Larger capacity bowl drawer, pee-pee, shoo-wee holder thingy (less splashing of the pee-pee)
* Two compartments - one to store toilet paper and one to store whatever. You might think it's crazy to let a toddler have their own toilet paper holder, but all you've got to do is just give them part of a roll. I've had no problems with Shorty and her toilet paper use - not yet anyway.

This can't really be considered a negative, but thought I'd include this: the bench is kind of heavy. Too heavy for your toddler to move around. That could be a positive thing.

Pink Potty
* Cheap
* Your toddler can easily move it around and use it as a step stool

* Your toddler can easily move it around and use it as a step stool (notice the catch-22 there or whatever you call it?)
* You have to lift the seat up to get the bowl to dump it. My daughter has pinched her finger between the seat and bottom of the potty before.

My suggestion:
Spend the extra money on the Boon Potty Bench. And also buy your kid a cheap step stool that they can easily move around. I don't know why they combine potties and step stools anyway.

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