Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shorty's Two-Year-Old Checkup

**I posted this about a year ago on my other blog - Shorty will be 3 the end of October.)

I'm getting nervous because today is Shorty's 2-year-old checkup. I'm nervous because I hate it when they give her shots. Every checkup we've been to since she was born, except for one, they gave her, like, five shots. I checked online to see if I could find any info out about it, and everything I've read said that she might could get a Hepatitis A shot. One website said this: (the doctor will) give your toddler another round of immunizations (if she didn't get vaccines for DPT or DTaP, polio, or chicken pox at her 12-month checkup, she'll get immunized for them now). She's gotten all her immunizations since she was born. So I call the doctor's office to see if I should give her Tylenol an hour before her appointment, which is what they recommend you do if she's going to have shots, and they said, at the 2-year checkup, they generally do get shots.

Here's a link to the Recommended Immunization Schedulefor Persons Aged 0–18 Years—UNITED STATES • 2007 - It's kind of confusing if you ask me.


Shelley's Snippets: Shorty's Two-Year-Old Checkup

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