Monday, August 18, 2008

Weight, Weight, Go Away

I guess if you read my other blog, Shelley's Snippets, you'll know that I posted a link to a website called WeightView. Has anyone tried that yet? I haven't. I am going to though - just as soon as I get my courage up to look at a full-length picture of myself.

I've never been Miss Fitness, but most of my life I've been somewhat in shape. That is until after I had our daughter - and that was, what? Almost three years ago. Ha! I always thought it was crazy when a woman would say, I've got to lose all this baby fat and their kid was, like, 10 years old. Of course that was pre-kid thinking on my part.

I think my problem is I got fired when I was five months' pregnant with Shorty - fired for no reason whatsoever other than the fact I was pregnant. I filed a lawsuit against my former employer and we settled out of court. But anyway I was so, so, so depressed after getting fired. I ate and ate and ate. I think I gained 50 pounds or so. I know - completely insane. But it's been nearly three years now and I have no excuses.

I went to the grocery store last week and I bought all low-fat stuff. I tried to find things to cook that everyone would like. I knew Shorty wouldn't like any of it and Big Daddy is so very picky. So I cooked baked chicken and frozen green beans and carrots last night. It was gross. Big Daddy says, "You're killing me with this low-fat business." First off, I burnt the chicken. Let's face it folks, I'm not used to cooking yard bird. The green beans were totally gross and the carrots - well, I just don't like carrots that much.

There's lots of frozen dinners that are low-fat, but I don't want to feed my family TV dinners every night. Does anyone know of any great low fat recipes that picky people will eat and actually like? I guess I should say that Big Daddy and I both will absolutely not eat chicken off the bone. Yeah, we're weird like that. And there's lots of other things that we don't like. We're not big vegetable eaters.

If you've got any good low-fat recipes, shoot me an email and let me know. Me and my waistline would appreciate it.

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