Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cool Flashlights For Kids

Maddie has an unnatural obsession with flashlights. I bought one at Kroger (or Albertson's) the other day that was in their summer clearance section. It was a pink monkey that makes a monkey sound every time she flips its head back to make the light come on. I thought it would really irritate me making that sound all the time - but as of yet it hasn't. I paid a total of about $1.96 I think it was for this flashlight. It broke after a couple of weeks (but Kelly was able to fix it after buying a new bulb at Radio Shack.)

The flashlights pictured above are Flash Buddies - the same brand as the one Maddie has. You can buy one at Amazon for $9.89.

I bought the flashlight pictured above at the mall a long time ago. The switch is hard to work on it. It's got a little bitty slide switch where the off position is in the middle. I wouldn't waste my money. But if you want to, you can buy it here at Amazon for $5.99.

This flashlight looks pretty neat. From Amazon: "The snout of this 4" x 2" pig lights up to show you the way. Works off a battery or can be hand operated with an easy squeeze motion. Includes handy carrying strap."

The hand-operated option seems like a good idea because I don't know about you, but I've spent boo-koos of money on batteries since Maddie was born.

You can buy it here at Amazon for $4.95

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