Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Etsy Find - I'm Gonna Be A Big Sister Shirt

Did you see the cute little custom shirt I ordered for Maddie that announced my pregnancy? You can see it down below here in another post, and here's another shot of it.

I ordered it from an Etsy shop. I'm so new to Etsy, I don't even know what the proper lingo is, whether it's Etsy shop or Etsy dealer or whatever. But I ordered this from: Creations by Lisa McGrath.

You should go check out all she has to offer. She's got brother, sister, cousin, and tons of birthday shirts. All of them are adorable and the embroidery is impeccable. The prices are great too - shirts are anywhere from $13 to $15. Go check her out.

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m said...

Adorable shirt and at a great price:)