Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Refresher Course On Why I Don't Like The Mall

Maddie and I decided to go to the mall today. I'm not a big shopper - not at all. But Maddie is having her pictures made Friday, and I was in search of the perfect outfit. First of all, the Verizon or some wireless phone company guy tries to stop me and sell me a family plan or something or other - not once but twice. I politely said, No thank you, and went on my way.

But this -- this lady who practically accosted me took the cake. She was sitting at one of those kiosk things. She jumps up from her seat saying something like, Oh, no, no, no - I can help you. I said, With what? She proceeds to take a dang flat iron and starts flat ironing my hair. Then she even mentioned flat ironing Maddie's hair. That just sent me off the edge. I told her there was no way in the world she was coming close to my daughter with a flat iron - huh-uh. She then tells me something about it being my lucky day because they're having a half-off sale (isn't that amazing!!) and I can get one of rooty-tooty-fresh-and-fruity flat irons for $99.99. I said, No thanks, and I walked off.

Maybe my hormones are a little whacked out because I've been pretty short tempered lately with strangers!!

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