Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What I've Been Doing All Day

Can you believe all these cookies? I've never made so many cookies! Cookies, cookies, cookies! Find the recipe over on Southern Plate. This recipe is supposed to make 112 cookies. It feels like 1112 to me - ha! They're good though.

I also tried my hand at making peppermint bark.

We're having our Christmas with my in-laws tomorrow at our house, so I've been busy, busy, busy cleaning and cooking and wrapping presents. Had to take Maddie to the doctor today. Turns out she's got an ear infection - her very first one.


Anonymous said...

I am Shelley's mother-in-law, and would like everyone to know what a good cook and hostess Shelley is. Our family had a wonderful Christmas with Kelly and Shelley.
Thanks you two.
P.S. The cookies and candy were fantastic.

I Am Nacho Mama said...

I love my mother-in-law!