Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Recipe R&R - Foodislove's Pepperoni Puff Balls

I made these yesterday to take to a reception after my husband's uncle's memorial service. Walked out of the house and left them sitting on the dining room table - real smart!

They're Foodislove's Pepperoni Puff Balls.

First of all, the recipe doesn't specify the size of package for the sliced pepperoni. It just calls for a package of sliced pepperoni. Since I thought there was only one size package of pepperoni (6 oz.), that's what I used. I think that was a huge mistake. Should have used a lot less.

Also, the recipe says to take the crescent rolls, roll each triangle out and then cut it into three smaller triangles. Well, since I failed geometry in high school, I had a hard time doing this (doh!). So I wound up cutting each triangle in what appeared to me to be half. Foodislove even says when she's lazy, she'll cut them in half instead of thirds.

I was worried that I'd made them too big, that they would turn out ugly after I baked them because I practically mauled them when I cut the dough up, but they didn't at all.

I think if you cut down the amount of pepperoni that I used- maybe use 3 oz. of pepperoni and just cut the crescent rolls in half instead of thirds, you'll have a great appetizer.

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