Thursday, January 8, 2009

Things I Love Thursday - Lunchables

Call me crazy, but Maddie absolutely loves these things. The turkey and cheddar is her favorite. My favorite is all of them because they're so quick and easy. Half of the food I cook (and I cook every single night), she will not touch. Who am I kidding when I say half? It's more like 99.99999% of the food I cook she will not touch. So my solution is a Lunchable.

I lay the crackers out on a paper plate and make them look like a smiley face - put the turkey on top of the crackers and then lay the cheese around the plate to make it look like hair. She loves that.

They usually come with two cookies. I've tried to trick Maddie into thinking they come with one because I usually eat one of them. She grabbed both cookies the other day, handed one to me and said, Here's your cookie, Mama. I was soooo busted.

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Martha said...

She is a smart cookie.

thediaperdiaries said...

I love Lunchables. Even I like to eat them as a little treat. I love to throw them in my 5 yo lunch bag. She thinks she is getting quite a treat when really I am just too lazy to pack anything I have to make :)