Sunday, February 15, 2009

Recipe R&R - Jenny's Cooking's Texas Chicken Quesadillas

Tonight I made Jenny's Cooking's Texas Chicken Quesadillas.

The recipe calls for 2 chicken breasts. But since I'm a canned chicken kind of girl, I used one large can of chicken. This recipe is to be made in a quesadilla maker. There's also an option to bake these in the oven.

I don't have a quesadilla maker - didn't even know they made such a thing, but I'm kind of behind the times on stuff like that.

I made these by putting a little oil in the skillet and then flopping a big flour tortilla in there and then loading the cheese, cooked chicken and caramelized onions in it and then folding the tortilla in half. My grandpa used to make quesadillas that way.

I think these turned out pretty good. Kelly said I put too many onions on his. He's not a big onion connoisseur. I myself love onions, especially caramelized ones.

Kelly and I both would rate this an 8.

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