Monday, April 20, 2009

Pregnancy Update - Part Three

Well, I went to a specialist last week. They took my blood, checking for proteins. Don't have the results on that yet. I did have a sonogram that measured the width of the baby's neck. Everything was excellent. Heard the baby's heartbeat. The baby was moving around like crazy, even though I can't feel it. The sonographer said that movement was involuntary at this stage (I was 12 weeks pregnant at the time.)

I went to my regular ob this morning. After some discussion with him and the maternal fetal specialist, it was decided that I needed to go ahead and have the diagnostic mammogram. I am not at all looking forward to that. My appointment is this Monday and I am absolutely terrified at how much it might hurt. Being 13 weeks pregnant, you can imagine how sore and tender my breasts are anyway, and then to flatten one of them out like a pancake just makes me cringe. Wish me luck.


Jennifer said...

Best of luck to you tomorrow with the mammogram. Hopefully they won't squish the girls too much!

I Am Nacho Mama said...

Thanks, Jennifer. They wound up not doing the mammogram - thank God. They did do a sonogram and everything looked fine. What a relief!