Sunday, March 29, 2009

Peach Cobbler - Recipe R&R

Yesterday I made Something New Is Cooking's Peach Cobbler.

I'm the only person in the house who likes peaches. Crazy, I know. No matter how hard I try, I can't make them like dang peaches!

This was super easy to throw together. I diced the peaches up because I don't like big chunks of peaches. I like my peach cobbler super crispy and this didn't turn out that way.

I'd rate this a 6.

Try this recipe instead:
Good-N-Gooey Peach Cobbler

It's the same recipe that's in my Texas Home Cooking cookbook (just increase the lemon juice to a tablespoon.) And I always used a big bag of frozen peaches.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hashbrown Casserole - Recipe R&R

Last night I made My Wooden Spoon's Hash Brown Casserole.

It was delicious. I've made Southern Plate's Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole before and although it was pretty good, My Wooden Spoon's recipe was yummier. The only difference in the two recipes is My Wooden Spoon's recipe calls for sour cream and chives and 1/2 cup more onions. Also, MWS's recipe doesn't call for salt or pepper, but you need to add plenty of both.

Mine and Kelly's rating - 9.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Taco Casserole - Recipe R&R

For supper tonight, I made Rad Recipe's Family Favorite Taco Casserole.

I really didn't care for this that much - neither did Kelly. The consensus was that it was way too squishy. I think it might have been a little better with corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas.

I forgot to ask Kelly what he'd rate this. I'd rate it a 4.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Party Potatoes - Recipe R&R

Tonight I made Taulman Times Party Potatoes.

I don't know why but they tasted too cream cheesey to me. I thought those words would never come out of my mouth - something being too cream cheesey. I love cream cheese. I added lots more salt too.

Kelly and I both would rate this a 7.5.

Doritos Chicken - Recipe R&R

I made Megan's Munchies Doritos Chicken. It was pretty easy to make.

For some reason, I didn't buy picante sauce, so I left that out of the recipe.

Kelly's Rating - 6.5
My rating - 7.5

Friday, March 20, 2009

Oven-Baked Pot Roast - Recipe R&R

Last night I made Real Mom Kitchen's Oven-Baked Pot Roast.

I thought it turned out delicious. I cooked it without the vegetables at 325 degrees for one hour. Then I threw the potatoes and carrots in and cooked it for two more hours @ 300. The vegetables were cooked perfectly.

Kelly would rate this a 7. (I just about fell off the couch when he said 7. I think I might fire him!)
My rating - 9.5

Pot Roast on Foodista

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Grandma's Goulash - Recipe R&R

I haven't made this in forever. I don't know why because I like it.

What you need (excuse the sippy cups in the background) :

Half an onion
Bell pepper (I always buy green but Walmart was totally out of them today)
1 lb. ground beef
Can spaghetti
Can Ranch Style Beans

First off, kick the cat out of your way.

For some reason, he always plays with the magnetic letters on the refrigerator. He's a weirdo.

I cook everything in an electric skillet. If this is your first time joining us, then let me tell you that my stove is an antique and not in a oohh, it's an antique and it's worth of lot of money kind of way. But it's an antique like pain in my bo-bo mustard yellow Corning older than me kind of antique that takes about an hour to boil water - hence the reason why I'm using an electric skillet.

Anyway, dice up onion and bell pepper. I cut the bell pepper in large chunks because nobody in my family will eat them. Cutting them in chunks makes them easier to remove. Add the ground beef and cook until meat is cooked through.

Drain. Add Ranch Style Beans and spaghetti and cook until everything is heated through.

Now, dig in. I always make cornbread to go along with this.

I'd rate this an 8.5. When my grandmother was alive and made this, I would have rated it a 10. Why is food so much better when somebody else makes it?

So here's the recap without all my little snippets in there - makes it easier to print:

Grandma's Goulash
Half an onion
Bell pepper (I always buy green but Walmart was totally out of them today)
1 lb. ground beef
Can spaghetti
Can Ranch Style Beans

Dice up onion and bell pepper. I cut the bell pepper in large chunks because nobody in my family will eat them. Cutting them in chunks makes them easier to remove. Add the ground beef and cook until meat is cooked through.

Drain. Add Ranch Style Beans and spaghetti and cook until everything is heated through.


I just wanted to say welcome to all the Foodie Blog Rollers. Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

I thought I'd let y'all know that my Recipe R&R posts have been kind of few and far between lately because I'm 8 weeks pregnant and I've been feeling the full effects of "morning sickness." Now that that's finally subsiding, I'll be reviewing more recipes. So please stay tuned. And thanks again for visiting.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's Just Got To Be

Even though I know there's only one in there, it feels like at least five or more. I think I've already gained 10 pounds and I'm only 8 weeks pregnant! Lord, help me.

Country Pie - Recipe R&R

It's a miracle! I actually cooked supper last night! Yay! The bad news is it tasted horrible! Yay! Oh, I mean, Boo!

I made "Country Pie." I put quotes around it because I have no earthly idea why this is called country anything. I found the recipe over on Frugal Recipes. And frankly it tasted...well, it tasted frugal. There was no taste at all hardly. Everything was so dry.

I didn't even bother asking Big Daddy what he rated it because I know it would have been low.

My rating - 3

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sausage Balls & A Yummy Dip

This weekend we had a get-together for my niece's husband who has been in Iraq since August. He came home for a two-week leave and is now on his way back to Iraq until, hopefully, July.

I have been feeling so sick. I would never in a million years wish this feeling on anyone. This is the first time I've cooked anything in a long time. I've been feeling better. Yesterday was the first day I've felt good most of the day.

Everyone knows how to make sausage balls, but since I haven't posted anything in a while, I thought I'd post this.

Sausage Balls
1 lb. breakfast sausage
2 cups grated sharp cheddar cheese
3 cups Bisquik
few sprinkles of garlic powder
few sprinkles of Cavender's Greek Seasoning

Combine all ingredients. Shape into 1-inch balls. Place on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for 12 - 15 minutes.

Next is the yummy dip I told you about. I've posted about it before, but it deserves a second post. I found it over on Southern Plate. One of Christy's readers sent it in and she won a fancy-schmancy crock pot.

Go here for the recipe.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh, Mandi...

Do y'all watch The Biggest Loser? I watch it to make myself feel like crap when I don't lose 10 pounds in one week.

I'm such a bawlbag lately. I cried when Mandi left last night. The only thing that was running through my mind was the old Barry Manilow song...Oh, Mandi, you came and you gave without taking and I sent you away...

I really like Mandi. I think her sister, Aubrey, is going to win the whole thing. I think that because last year, Prevention magazine hosted a challenge or whatever. At the end of that show, it showed the Prevention magazine with Michelle Aguilar (winner of season 6) on the cover and she was skinny but she was still heavy on the show. Anyway, this year on the cover of the Prevention magazine was Aubrey, and she was skinny. That's just a theory I have, but I bet I'm right. We'll see.

In other news, I am crying all the time. I stink like I don't know what. I've even gone so far as to use my husband's deoderant which is no help at all (TMI, TMI I know.). I feel like I'm going to throw up 24 hours a day. My boobs feel like they might explode at any given moment. Ahh, the joys of being pregnant.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pregnancy Update - Part Two

I just want to say a great big ol' thank you to everyone who's been praying for us. The prayers are working.

I had a sonogram today. We saw the embryo and even heard the heartbeat. Everything looks great.

Thanks again and please keep the prayers coming.

And by the way, sorry for no recipe posts. I haven't really felt much like cooking lately. Hopefully I will again real soon.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Pregnancy Update

I really don't have much to update here. I had my hormone level checked back on the 19th and the number was 885. Had it taken again on the 21st and the level was 2127. That was great news. Your hormone level is supposed to almost double every two days until I think the 12th week when it starts going back down - that's when the morning sickness and all that loveliness starts to go away.

I'm feeling really tired and very, very, very queasy. I have cramps every now and then that bothers me a little bit - that's normal I guess since the uterus is expanding. I wish this sick feeling would go away, but I guess it comes with the territory. I didn't feel this way when I was pregnant with Maddie. I just had really bad heartburn with her.

Anyway, just thought I'd keep y'all up to date.

Collinwood Deviled Chicken - Recipe R&R

I made Collinwood Deviled Chicken tonight. I got the recipe off of

I didn't use three pounds of chicken breasts. I used a little over one pound of chicken breast tenderloins.

I loved this stuff. Kelly said it had a funky taste.

His rating - 6.5
My rating - 9

Will I ever find recipes that make both of us extremely happy? I hope so.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Nacho Pie - Recipe R&R

I made Mommy's Kitchen's Quick & Easy Nacho Pie.

I love Mommy's Kitchen. I won a $15 off coupon for a Cook's Ham back in November of last year off her blog. Thanks again, Tina.

This recipe was easy to throw together. Kelly and I both really liked it.

We'd both rate this an 8.5.