Friday, December 17, 2010

Weight Watchers

I started Weight Watchers back on October 21 - the day after my oldest daughter's 5th birthday. I went to a meeting and sat there and cried like a little girl when the meeting leader or team leader (you'd think I'd know what her title is by now, but I don't) asked me why I was there. All I could really get out of my mouth was, "It's time."

I have never been more determined to do something in my life...well, besides passing the court reporting exam and trying to make sure my family is happy. That making sure my family is happy part has a ton to do with why I've decided to lose weight.

As of last night, I've lost 24 pounds. Yeah, I've got about 60 more pounds to go, but it's a start. I feel so much better now - especially my knees.

When I started Weight Watchers, it was the old momentum plan. I had no idea that Weight Watchers was about to go through a major change. If I had known they were about to change the plan, I wouldn't have started when I did. If that was the case, I would have missed out on losing 18.4 pounds.

Here's how much I've lost each week since the beginning (I realize this might be boring for some people, but I'm more or less writing all this down so I can remember it on down the line)

Momentum Plan
October 21 - October 28 = lost 8.0
October28 - November 4 = lost 0.4
November 4- November 11 = lost 6.0
November 11 - November 18 = lost 1.2
November 18 - November 24 = lost 0.6
November 25 - December 2 = lost 2.2

December 2 - December 9 = lost 1.4
December 9 - December 16 = lost 4.2

I started exercising every day, but realized when I wasn't dropping the pounds that maybe I should exercise every other day. Also I had the craziest revelation ever. And that was I don't think I was eating enough food every day. No, I'm not talking about before Weight Watchers. But my second week on WW, I thought if I didn't eat all my points, I'd lose weight faster - wrong! As you can tell from the list above, I only lost .4 pounds that week. When I saw that not eating all my points hindered my weight lost, I started eating all my points and I lost 6 pounds that next week. I know it fluctuates like crazy, but the best part is I've lost some every week.

I plan on keeping up with this blog. I've decided instead of playing Frontierville on Facebook when my youngest is taking a nap every day, I'm going to update this blog. Let's see if I'm as determined to do that as I am at losing weight :)