Friday, January 7, 2011

Weight Watchers Hint #2

Best thing to eat at Sonic that's not a salad with no dressing and isn't a side item like small'll never guess what it is! I couldn't believe it when I saw it. Are you ready for it?

It's a CORN DOG! Coming in at 6 PointsPlus value.

Small tater tots are 6 PointsPlus
Small french fries are 5 PointsPlus

Or you can do like me and order a small tots with cheese for 5 PointsPlus.

Why is the small tater tots with cheese less PointsPlus value than just the plain old taters tots? I have no earthly idea, but I'll take it!

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I Am Nacho Mama said...

I guess I should have said the best thing to eat @ Sonic as far as PointsPlus values are concerned is the corn dog.