Thursday, January 13, 2011

Weight Watchers Hint #4 - Eat All Your Points

I think I'm going to find out tonight what happens when you don't eat all your points. I've done this a few times and each time I do it, I think I'm going to lose more weight if I don't eat all my points - WRONG!

I've been sick this week and I've been retaining water (yes, I said that). I have been exercising like normal, but I haven't been eating all my points. Night before last, I had 9 points left over. Crazy, I know.

I bet when I weigh in tonight, I'll have either stayed the same weight or even possibly gained some - Lord, I hope not!

Now, if I could only get it through my thick skull that eating less points does not mean I'll lose more weight! Your body needs that food for fuel! Food=fuel, food=fuel. I've got to keep reminding myself of that!

We'll see what happens tonight.

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