Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Weight Watchers Update

So it's now January 4 and so far I've been horrible about updating this blog like I said I would. Well, I've got a pretty good excuse. My husband was off work for the holidays and I enjoyed spending time with him and my girls. But now it's nose to the grindstone time.

Here's an update on my weight loss.

December 17 - 23 = lost 1.8
December 24 - 29 = lost 0.8

Slowly but surely I'm getting there. I lost .8 pounds over Christmas, people! I'm happy. I ate two days of food without tracking! Shhh! Don't tell anyone that! We had Christmas @ our house on Christmas Eve for my husband's family and then Christmas for my family at my nephew's house on Christmas day. I did not track one point on either of those days. I did keep an eye on how much I was eating and drinking- hiccup!

I've been doing the EA Sports Active 2 workouts on the Wii. I did the 9-week program on easy intensity. I finished that and I started the 21-week program, but I upped the intensity to medium. Bad move on my part. It is sooooooo hard. My heart rate got up to 198 today! It's so hard it makes me not want to do it. So I lowered the intensity down to easy. We'll see how that works!

I've thought about putting on here what I ate every day. I don't know if that would be helpful or not. I saw this lady on the news who videotapes herself cooking lowfat meals and then uploading them to You Tube. Would that be interesting to people?

I've lost 26.6 pounds since October 21st and I have about 40 or more pounds to go. We'll see what I can come up with to make my weight loss and this blog interesting. Stay tuned! My goal is to help whoever I can.

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