Friday, January 7, 2011

Weight Watchers Update

So I weighed in last night.

December 31 - January 6 = lost 2.8

I've lost 29.4 pounds total since October 21! Yay!

I think I lost a little more this week because I did the medium intensity workouts on the EA Sports Active. I didn't eat the healthiest this week. I never go over on my points - never dip into that 49 point reserve unless it's a holiday - never use the activity points I've earned.

But I did eat cheese enchiladas and rice and beans at a mexican restaurant. I looked that up before I went and the PointsPlus value for that meal was 9 points! So that's what I tracked - 9 points. It felt a lot more than that though!

Oh, well. I think you deserve a meal like that every now and then. There was not a lot of food on the plate and it was a smaller-size plate, so I ate it. I did give most of one of the enchiladas to my husband though. It was delicious!

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